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    Question reinstalled iTunes will not read/edit many of my iD3 tags
    Hi everybody,
    I was running iTunes 8 fine, when the **** thing corrupted my library, leaving it un-openable. I made a new library from the .xml file, and now, 1254 of my songs which I have verified as being previously tagged, have no tags!

    Here's where it gets interesting. Quicktime, and several 3rd-party apps can read the id3 tags flawlessly. They're still there! iTunes will let me re-label them in Library, but NOT actually save the tags, let alone add artwork by any means.

    These are MP3's of various bitrate, all with id3 tags v2.4. Complete albums. They worked in iTunes 7, they worked in my initial iTunes 8, but no more.

    I built a new library, in a new folder, and added some of these files. No joy.

    I even tried to double-check permissions on the files, AND copy them to my laptop, running Tiger and iTunes 7....that iTunes won't read them anymore either!

    Can anybody please shed some light on this? I am open to reinstalling iTunes, ****, even Leopard! But my litmus on my Powerbook doesn't make that look promising.

    Thank you for your help

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    Oct 15, 2007
    Hey all,
    I seem to have found a solution, beyond a re-install, or tedious, manual tagging.

    I downloaded ID3X, an iD3tag editor, and merely updated the existing tags. I downgraded the tags from v2.4 to ID3X's default of v.2.3.

    Then, all I had to do, was get iTunes to refresh the info. I could've played each track, but instead, I just updated info like year or genre, and as if I had reloaded the tracks, the full tags appeared, sans art.

    This is a MUCH faster solution than any of the others I feared.

    Thank you for reading. I hope that anybody else with this problem will find this thread.

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