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    VMWare Fusion for 17.99 - new version!
    I wanted to share an exciting deal I just got (if you run Windows on your Mac) so others can do the same. I have used Parallels and VMware Fusion. Parallels was slow and a memory hog - Fusion is amazing.

    I ordered a used, older version of Fusion from for 17.67: Used and New: VMware Fusion [OLD VERSION]

    I later saw that the VMware Fusion home website:

    VMware Fusion Overview, Run Windows on Mac, Virtual PC on Mac - VMware

    offers a FREE UPGRADE to Version 2.0.1 for any owner of the older version.
    The free upgrade link is to the right side of the page. As they say on the site, the old version's password works with the new version.

    Support is also great and you can watch video tutorials of how to use Fusion's different capabilities:
    VMware Fusion Resources - VMware

    So if you were waiting to run Windowe on your machine - there is no more reason to wait with this kind of a deal available!

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    Just be sure that VMWare will in fact honor the "original". Sometimes these "specials" do not necessarily guarantee an upgrade.
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    Wow, thats a great deal. I bought mine full price.

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