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    Best p2p or gnutella client?

    I just got my mac yesterday and I have a lot of nice programs on it, but I really need a p2p program on it, I have tried cabos, but the interface isn't very good and there are not a lot of search result but the ones that do come up barely have any peers to connect to. I have also tried aquisition as mentioned in the Switchers guide to OS X software but there is a time limit where I can download files which is bad because I do not know when I will need to download files and also there are no results for the songs I want. Or if there are it is not for the same artist. I search Hit em up (by Lil' Wayne) and I got some porn results and stuff like that, I just want to be able to download music from there, video would be a plus.

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    Aside from Bittorrent, I would avoid p2p software like the plague it is.

    Also note, that our forum rules prohibit the discussion of illegal activity, such as downloading copyrighted music that you didn't pay for.
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    Sorry, I didn't mean to break a rule.

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