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    What's happening with Torrent clients?
    Firts off, I'd like to say hello to all the users on the forum. I'm registered with quite a few for various things but post very little. I do, of course, really appreciate any help i recieve.

    After down loading the 2 most recent versions of my preferred client, Transmission, I've experienced complete system freeze. After a few minutes Transmission and any other apps would freeze eventually requiring a restart.

    Giving up on Transmission(which i'd used for YEARS without any problems whatsoever) i downloaded Vuze(prev azereus) which worked fine for the first 24 hours. Since then i've had the same problem; complete freeze after abut 2 minutes requiring a restart. I've restricted the amount of simultaneus DLs to 4, and avoided using any other apps but to no avail. I simply don't understand why these clients have started messing up on me. Is it an OS problem or what? I've checked a few of the forums but can't get any clear answers.

    Thanks in advance

    Intel Macbook 1.1 2GHZ,
    2GB RAM, 28GB free on HD,
    Tiger OS X 10.4.11 (8S2167)

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    Does it only happen with those BitTorrent clients? Freezing sounds to me like defect RAM (was it in my case a few years ago anyway...). Maybe get your RAM checked - there is some software for that - or replace it if possible to see if that fixes it.


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    Utorrent has a mac beta out now.
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