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    Jul 05, 2008
    Hotmail on Safari issues
    Hey there, i have since friday, been having some strange occurrences when logging into hotmail via safari 3.2.1.

    Basically a few moments after logging in, the screen jumps to a page showing a banner ad for its just a banner ad at the top of the safari window and that is all.

    today it has been quiet and i thought that maybe it had stopped, however, i have just logged in and almost immediately it jumped to this ad. i tried on a windows machine using explorer and did not have this issue.

    any ideas?

    im a new user and am staring to get a bit paranoid about this, especially as about the time this started i confirmed my paypal status etc and made a purchase online. the more i explore the more names get thrown at me such as rootkits etc!

    i would be interested ot hear if anyone lese has had similar problems and if maybe a clean install would be a good idea? and maybe, just maybe i should stop this paranoid thinking!



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    Dec 09, 2008
    Hi there,

    I have been having exactly the same problem myself. I've been using a mac/safari for nearly a year and never had this problem previously. I would appreciate any guidance too? Is it time to get some anti-virus for my machine?

    Cheers for any guidance.

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    Give it a try in firefox and see if the same problem occurs there.

    Seeing how two of you are having this issue, it might just be Microsoft serving up ads that don't work correctly in Safari...

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    Jul 05, 2008
    hey aptmunich thanks for the reply, i havent tried firefox yet, i may well do shortly if this problem persists!

    villain, have you tried any virus software yet? it does seem that it could be a safari bug instead of an all out assault on our macs!

    hope this finds your mac well


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    Just out of curiosity - when you are logging into Hotmail, do you have to enter your password before this redirection occurs or does it remember your password from your last login (i.e., you didn't click "Sign Out" after your last visit)?

    I ask this because Hotmail/Live has some strange bug with Safari and you have to sign out each time you're done or the next time it keeps redirecting you and you can't get to your mail.

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    Dec 09, 2008
    Hi there holden636,

    Thankfully the problem has stopped for me now. Probably just a bit of hotmail advertising that didn't agree with Safari as Aptmunich said. I'm familiar with the problem you describe above as it was an issue for me when I first started using Safari (I had to preiodically delete all the hotmail/live cookies if I forgot to sign out). However, they must have fixed this as it hasn't been a problem for me for ages now, I can just click hotmail and be right back in my messages again.


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