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Thread: Making a CD-RW act like a HD / floppy

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    Making a CD-RW act like a HD / floppy
    I've been using a CD-RW to make backups of files I'm working on, but to do so requires me to delete the whole disk and re-save everything on it each time I want to back up a single file (ie. at least once a day). Of course, this is a drag...

    So what I was wondering is whether there is an app out there that will make a CD-RW behave like a HD or floppy drive - you just save the files to the disk and tell it to overwrite the old copy, and the app takes care of the deleting and resaving of the file (and everything else) automatically. Does anyone know of an app that does this?



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    I have not seen any applications that will let you do that on the Apple side. The only thing you can do is get Toast and create disk sessions.
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    I'm pretty sure that you don't have an option to write sessions on rw's (only writables) in toast

    Also, you can write sessions (only CD-R) using Disk Utility.

    1. Create a folder for the session and drag the items you want to burn into the folder.
    2. Open Disk Utility, located in Applications/Utilities.
    3. Select Images > New > "Image from Folder." Then select the folder you created in the navigation window and click Open.
    4. Type a name for the image, choose a disk format, and click Save.
    5. When the disk image is complete, select it in the left column of the Disk Utility window.
    6. Choose Images > Burn or click Burn in the tool bar.
    7. Insert a blank CD in the optical drive.
    8. Select the "Leave disc appendable" checkbox. If you don't see this option, click the triangle in the top-right corner to see this option.
    9. Click Burn.
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    yea, multisession disc cdr burning is your answer, or I think NTI dragonburn lets you do it, or create multisession data discs.

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    Buy a cheap flash drive and backup to that instead...session burning isn't what you want IMO...

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