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Thread: VLC extremely choppy

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    VLC extremely choppy
    Hey, is anyone else having trouble with VLC lately? It has been going on for a while, I have heard some other people saying that it started after 0.8.6i? I have the latest version (.9.6), and it is working terribly. Every couple minutes or so the video will stop for about 15 seconds, while the sound continues. And when it cuts back in again, the video is terrible for a bit. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    I'm new to VLC, having only downloaded it last week. It's useless! videos are split and skewed diagonally, display in black and white (actually purple and white) and as for sound - where did that go?
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    Interesting to note that two others have problems with the later VLC. I ditched the latest version and reverted to 0.8.6c (fortunately I hadn't deleted it from Trash).

    See here: VLC media player for Mac OS X and go to the very bottom of the page for access to older versions. Before you run an older version, get rid completely of the newer one using an application cleaner so that .plist files get trashed too.

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