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    does anybody in here use .mac?

    is it good value for money i'm thinking of signing up and switching all
    email and stuff to .mac but think its a bit pricey and could do most things
    with regular mac mail.

    any thoughts

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    I love .Mac, but that just may be me. I use it for alot more than just Mail. I sync my Bookmarks to .Mac so my iMac and PowerBook always have the same bookmarks. I backup important stuff to my iDisk for safe keeping and the ability to access it anywhere (same with bookmarks). You get cool free stuff (games, garage band loops etc) as well as some good discounts on other stuff (books, programs etc). There is alot more that is available with .Mac that I haven't even touched on, have a look around and see for yourself.

    Plus, if you just bought a new Mac, then I think you can still get it for the discounted price of $69 for the first year.
    Looking for a PowerMac G4 for $500 or less USD.

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    Yeah. I agree. I use it for an extra email, for backups, and they also provide an antivirus (not that we need it) for the same low price.

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