Hi guys. I'm new to the mac forum, and I'm a new mac user. I just got a macbook and love it. I'm tossing my crappy gateway.

Anyways, I've been having a few minor problems. First and foremost, there are a few things that won't load on Firefox or Safari. Facebook won't load - the initial Facebook homepage loads but if I click on anything else, it just doesn't do anything. The hour glass is working but nothing else happens. Also, some photos won't load either. For example, if I go onto mapquest or google maps, the map won't ever load. This is kind of frustrating but there has to be a reason for it (I hope?).

Also, I have office for mac 2007. Recently all applications (Word is really the only one I use) fail to open. I click on Word, it begins to load up, then I'm prompted to register online, and go through an update. I loaded the [huge] update but it just prompts me to do it all over again.

Can anyone help out?