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    Macromedia Studio Mx 2004
    Hey, this is a very odd question. I just want to know if someone knows here that if this program uses the same serial # for MAC and Windows.

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    Nope, Macromedia makes their products 'either or' not 'both'. You'll either have to purchase it again for the Mac or call them and see if they have a quasi-upgrade program to cross-platforms.
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    There is no illegal activity involved in any way. Here is my question

    I want to buy Sudio MX from eBay. The seller is telling me that it will work with windows only. I really dont need the actual CD, I can download the trial versions from My question to you is, will his serial # be compatible with the mac version, or it doesnt matter, as long as it is valid it will work? Well please guys let me know ASAP

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    The serial numbers are actually different, as with all other software from people like Adobe.

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    Yep, I have both the Windows and Mac versions and I can personally confirm they are different.
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