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    iphone medical software
    Hello, I am looking for any information on any medical software being added to the iphone... I am aware of the recent development of epocrates for the iphone, but I was wondering if any other software is presently created or in development? Also is anyone aware of compatibility issues in hospitals and their data networks?

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    The Human Body (Medical iPhone Basic App)
    The Human Body (Medical iPhone App)

    Learn Parts Encyclopedia THE HUMAN BODY 3.1.1,
    help you to understand the basics diferents systems:

    1. The nervous systems four basic parts.
    2. Muscle System and parts
    3. Some internal organs of the body
    4. Our Skeleton System basics parts head and body.
    5. And basics parts of the brain.

    Learn Parts Encyclopedia THE BODY :
    brings some pictures to enlarge by touching the push pins.
    and have text to scroll down, and we add on this version some explanation of the human brain.

    Learn Parts Encyclopedia THE BODY will be updated every two month, especially on brains parts, muscle and skeleton.
    Please enjoy and let your comments and suggestions always are welcome.
    or visit our website for more information.

    video link youtube:
    YouTube - The Human Body for iphone

    itunes link app:
    iTunes Store

    thanks for all your comments, always are welcome.
    App Owner !

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    teeth3d iphone application
    This application includes: (3D teeth)
    1. General information about teeth and mouth.
    2. Show in 3D each tooth, one by one, function and how works each tooth.
    3. Dental caries, dental disease, causes etc.
    4. Dental implants, kinds, benefits of dental implants.
    5. Important Dental care, adults and kids.

    All the information on this basic Dental encyclopedia is being shown with support graphics in 3D for a better understanding, many graphics, teeth, etc, are in real 3D to fully appreciate its shape.

    Each dentists says that the most important part of tooth care and mouth happens at home, now you can get this accomplished with this beautiful dental 3D information on your device.

    This application was made for doctors, students and family.
    Remember if you are not a doctor or studen of dental, you can get this application to learn how works each tooth, kinds of dental disease...
    and best of all: how to take care of your teeth and mouth.

    itunes link:
    iTunes Store

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    CORE - Clinical ORthopedic Exam is a great tool for anyone seeing patients with musculoskeletal complaints (primary care, orthopedics, physical therapist, etc. to name a few).

    Check out more screenshots at clinically relevant technologies

    Close to 250 clinical tests used in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal pathology. There are instructions on how to perform each test, video demonstration, diagnostic test properties (sensitivity/specificity/likelihood ratios, and more) for each test as well as PUBMed references to support each test. Every region in the body is covered.

    See a YouTube demo video at YouTube - CORE -Clinical ORthopedic Exam IPHONE Medical App

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    Spinal Manipulation
    For anyone who provides this intervention (DO's, Physiotherapists, etc.) it is a must-have application (and cheap - currently only $0.99 - regular $3.99). It would be nice if you could predict which patients would respond favorably to which treatments. With spinal manipulation, to some degree you can.

    Low back pain is one of the most common reasons behind seeking health care services.

    Spinal Manipulation receives one of the highest recommendations among all non-pharmacological interventions from the American College of Physicians and American Pain Society for the management of low back pain (Chou, Ann Int Med, 2007).

    What variables do these patients have that would lead them to have a better chance of improvement when receiving spinal manipulation? This app provides all the information associated with the lumbar manipulation treatment based classification system to include the variables that increase a patient's chance of success, which questions to ask, which procedures to perform in the examination, and how to perform the lumbar manipulation. Input different variables into the equation and see what the post-test probability of success with manipulation is.

    Check it out on iTunes here: Available in the App Store on iTunes

    See more from Clinically Relevant Technologies
    Learn more about Evidence in Motion, LLC

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