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    Question iTunes and external hard drive
    Hi I am experiencing a problem where I now have too much music to fit on my macbook. I have a 250gb external hard drive. On my macbook i have my library of 15000 songs. I have dragged on the itunes music folder and therefore coppied my entire library from my macbook onto the external harddrive. On the hard drive I also have another seperate iTunes music folder with a different library of 16000 songs.
    I would like to be able to keep some of the music (maybe the 15000 song library) on my macbook but be able to connect the external hard drive sometimes and see all 31000 songs. I'm worried that I will fill my library with files it cannot find and therefore be forced to spend for ever deleting files individually.
    So has anyone got an idea on my best bet to sort out this situation?

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    you can create another itunes library on the computer by holding down the alt/option key as you launch iTunes, this will allow you to create the second library, plug in the external and use this for your 31000 song library.
    Then the first library delete from your mac until your happy with the size and selection you create.

    Hope this helps...

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