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    Help deploying 10.4 images
    Greetings all, I need a little help creating a boot disc. Currently I am using Carbon Copy Cloner to image machines with OS X 10.4 in a lab. The lab contains about half emacs and half old imacs so using netboot is not really an option. Currently I am booting off a firewire drive and grabbing the image off our server. I would like to create a set of boot discs that do the same thing so I can image multiple boxes at once. With 10.3.9 I used a boot disc with netrestore to get the image off the server, but it does not work with 10.4 which why I am using CCC. Is it possible to do the same or something similar with CCC as I did with netrestore? I also downloaded deploystudio as I noticed that netrestore is no longer supported but have not tried installing it. Should I use that or a newer version of netrestore that works with 10.4? Could someone please explain to me how I should go about doing this? Thanks in advance!

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    Anyone have any ideas? Is this the right board? Thanks

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