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    Microsoft Excel
    While working in Microsoft Excel X I was trying to fix my computer display. Somewhere along the way of changing my display, Excel decided to move it's Formula Bar. The edge of the formula bar is off screen so I can't move it back to its position. I have tried a variety of things I've read on other forums as well as the basic restart/do-over. Nothing seems to be working. If anyone knows of a reset command or otherwise, it would be appreciated, but if the option is simply to re-install Microsoft Excel, please let me know.

    Thank you.

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    I don't have that version of excel, but ya might try hooking up a second monitor (if you have access to one) and see if you can get it to show up on there.

    Alternatively, ya might try adjusting the screen size in your display options and see if that forces it back into your viewable area.

    Dumb microsoft...

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