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    Nov 30, 2008
    Organize and search documents of different filetypes.
    For my studies i need an application that can handle and sort all my documents.
    These documents vary in filetype, from Word, PowerPoint, PDF to images.

    I've tried a few applications, Yojimbo, Papers amongst others, but they all seem to lack a few features I need.

    I need a way to search the content of these documents both through indexing (like Spotlight does), and my own assigned tags.
    If I am focusing on one subject, say Material Technology, i want to find all my documents whom i've tagged with the "Material Technology"-tag. And further, one specific topic within these tagged documents, like Aluminum.
    These tags(and words) would then be located in several documents, maybe a PowerPoint presentation file, a pdf document and a word document.

    Papers seem to be an alternative here, but the lack of support for other filetypes than PDF makes it useless for me.

    Another nice perk would be tagging of the content in images, where I would like to select parts of an image and tag it.


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    Nov 30, 2008
    No suggestions for this?

    Are there any other sources i might find some assistance? (forums etc.)

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