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doubleA 11-29-2008 10:56 PM

IRC client for OSX
I use xchat on my linux machine, but i want to use an IRC on my macbook (OSX). What client is recommended? Chatzilla? Does apple have its own?

hugtheslug 11-30-2008 04:14 AM

Xchat has been ported to Mac - X-Chat Aqua - works well for me :)

Hope this helps

Cheers :)


dtravis7 11-30-2008 04:21 AM

There is XChat, Colloquy, Conversation, and many more. I personally use Colloquy as it really works like an OSX Application, but many use XChat. Some here at Mac Forums also like Linkinus although it's a Pay program.

Here is a list of most of them.

IRC Clients for MacOS

doubleA 11-30-2008 09:55 PM

Thanks for the list. Do you have any idea why chatzilla is not listed?

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