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    microsoft 2008
    hey guys i just bought my first mac ever after having a windows for years. im getting fairly used to it already but there is one thing i am having trouble with. i am not able to open microsoft office 2008 on my computer. it installed fine as far as i know and the word/excel etc icons appeared in the dock. when i go to open on of the programs though, it goes to a set up. so i fill in my info and whatnot then press continue but instead of being able to use the program i get a little pop up saying "microsoft office could not open. then it gives the 3 options: ignore, send report, relaunch. does anyone have suggestions on how to help me with this?

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    Sounds like Office 2008 was not installed correctly. Uninstall the entire suite and start over. Use the Office 2008 uninstaller, do not just drag the icons to the trash as this will not remove all the files and the Product serial number.

    The Office 2008 installer will create a folder within your documents folder called "Microsoft User Data". Make sure that's there after setup because if it didn't get created for some reason Office 2008 will not run.

    Also - lots of good info and great help regarding Office 2008 for the Mac can be found here:


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    well i have tried uninstalling it before a couple times. i even deleted a couple certain folders to let me reenter my product key but to no avail.

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    As chscag asked did you use the MS Uninstaller to remove the earlier version and was it registered on the first install?

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    Try rebooting the MAC before you attempt to reinstall. Office 08 is problematic for me too, Apple or Microsoft really need to fix it. I can't use any of the Publishing features in Word, it keeps crashing when I tried to print or convert a file to PDF.

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    ya i have tried rebooting the computer a couple times. and ya i used the uninstall thing to remove other versions of office. i even went in and deleted a couple files that were left behind by microsoft that had the product key and whatnot stored in them. im at a loss of what to do

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