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    How to record iTunes MP3's in specific order?
    How can I burn MP3's in iTunes 8.0.2 on a disk in the same order that I arrange them in within the iTunes Playlist folder?

    The burned songs on the disk appear and play in an order that is different from the numbered list within the Playlist folder.

    Thanks for any tips.

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    I guess you're using iTunes to burn, and the track arrangement has something to do with the coded numbers assigned to them.

    Do you have Toast? With it you can drag the tracks into the burn window in any order you choose.

    If not Toast, what about using Burn instead of iTunes? [I've not tried Burn, but plenty of others have.]

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    Thanks for mentioning Burn. It didn't know about it but I'll try it.
    I also use Toast but it's good to have options. I used to be able to burn
    with iTunes and it would maintain song order, but not lately for whatever

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