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jonscon@hotmail 11-26-2008 06:04 AM

Vuze creates fils i cannot find or delete.. HELP
i am using vuze to download files.
i have an external network drive set up as the default save destination...
been fine, as i always shut down vuze before disconnecting... except last night..
now the torrents are being save to a folder on mac hard drive.
when i go back to re-set save destination, i see 4 other 'vuze downlads' on macHD... older ones i thought i deleted...
i cannot get vuze to save on external drive, and MacHD is full now!!!!!

i need to delete these 'vuze downloads' from my powerbook, and get the files to save onto network drive...

(i was almost done downloading 30GB file and it is incomplete on EXternal and cannot start that one again....

PLEASE HELP :Lips-Are-Sealed:

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