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    Question Mbp - powerbook - transferring applications?
    Hey guys,

    Am considering buying a MBP shortly, as I've had my powerbook for yonks now, and is not always 100% reliable.

    I use personal backup x4, to clone my HD to back up my powerbook.

    When I get my new Mbp - is it easy/do-able to clone all my applications/mail settings/calender entries etc to it - so that I don't have to reinstall all the apps again.

    I have 10.4.11 on my powerbook btw.

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    boot up the old powerbook pressing and holding T after the chime, you "should" see a firewire symbol, connect it to your new mac, go to utilities and open migration tool (i forget the name, it should be similar) click through the options it will take your user account files settings and applications, it can also take timezone settings and shard folder settings, i wouldnt recommend trying to get network settings, but the choice is yours, it wouldnt hurt.

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    Excellent - that sounds simple enough - thank you very much!!!

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    Another quick quesso - if I get a macbook (not pro), how can I connect the two macs together as I understand the macbook doesn't have a firewire port?

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