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costelloe 11-23-2008 10:57 AM

Font Book Suddenly Not Working
Has anybody had a similar problem to me..

I have about 3000 fonts installed, and I use font book to organise them. I have loads .. well HAD loads of folders that organised them into handwritten, cowboy, punky etc and so whenever I was working on a project I would have all fonts disabled except for the folders that matched the work I was doing.

The other day I disabled a folder.. and all the fonts disappeared from that folder. Then when I looked into the other folders, they too had lost all the fonts. I couldn't undo as it wouldn't let me, and I couldn't get those fonts anywhere but the 'all fonts' selection at the top.

I started the laborious process of re-categorising them which took me four hours just to do the first third.. and it's happened again!! I'm going insane here. I tried deleting the preferences file on someones suggestion and it's taken the font book back to not even having the folders set up. So I played around with font book and set up a few mini folders and each time I try disable it in the exact way that I have been doing it deletes them all unless I disable the fonts individually.

I don't want to start AGAIN.. if my font book is going to keep doing this..

louishen 11-23-2008 11:19 AM

You are better off using Font Explorer, Font Book is not really up to the task of handling that many fonts

Font Management - Simple, Smart, Free - Linotype FontExplorer X

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