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    Help With Time Machine!!! "preparing back up" for 30 minutes now
    im using an external G-drive to backup my files...

    the first time i did it with the drive i dont remember there being any problem whatsoever..

    (i dont always keeps it plugged into my computer)

    anyway im now trying to perform another back up i coonnected it to my computer and time machine automatically read it and started "preparing back up"

    when i check on the status bar on the upper rigth hand corner of my screeen it stil says "preparing back up" its not actually backing up anything i dont understand what im doing wrong?

    pls help

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    You're not doing anything wrong .....

    Sometimes it takes a long time " preparing " and " finishing backup "

    Just let Time Machine do the job and be patient would be my suggestion.
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    I had some issues like that with old external drive, it turns out it had some errors and it died a few weeks after. Not sure if this applies to your case, i don't know how old is your drive, but that was my experience.
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