Does anybody know why when you manually enter text into a date box on a calendar in iPhoto why it appears half-way down?

If you import dates via iCal they are at the top of the box:-

I shouldn't have to enter an event into iCal just to have it appear in a calendar in the same format!

Have also noticed for some reason that as I'm working on the calendar all the dates will reformat and appear half-way down the box as shown:-

To get them to appear in the correct format I have to change the date of the calendar in settings to say go back 1 year then change back to the year I want. The dates re-appear in the correct format but I will lose any pictures added in the calendar section.

This is obviously a bug as I'm not changing any settings when it happens but is the text behaviour in my first example normal?

I am running iPhoto version 7.1.5(378).