I'm an ex-Linux user who's missed my virtual desktop ever since I switched to the Mac. Somehow Desktop Manager and Virtue Desktops weren't really good, and development stopped several years ago when Apple announced Spaces as a feature in future versions of the OS.

Now, I finally have Spaces (my boss just got us new Macs with Leopard a few weeks ago :-))), but it's sort of disappointing. The thing that frustrates me most is that even when I *uncheck* "When switching application..blah..." in the System Prefs, the moment I click on X11 or the Finder (which are always open) in the dock, to get a new shell or Finder window, it switches back to any other open windows belonging to that app. What kind of sense does that make? I have a whole bunch of applications running under X11, and I don't want them all in a single space. Is there a way to cure this behavior?