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    paragon ntfs help/external driver not showing up
    So the quick verison is I purchased Paragon ntfs from their website, installed the software/rebooted the computer and to no avail the external hard drive (ntfs) is not showing up.

    The long version is I tried using mac fuse with another application, but it didn't work. Then I found (sorry) a less then legal version of Paragon's NTFS . It seemed to work fine but every once in a while the driver wouldn't show up. I'd either reset my computer or have to reinstall the software for the driver to show up. So recently it wasn't showing up so I figured it might be the software, so I uninstalled my illegal paragon, and mac fuse. Then purchased a legal version of their software from their home site. After installing it the driver still is not showing up.

    In addition my external is showing up on my roommates mac that has the same specs.

    I Tried looking through Paragon's manuel but it doesn't have a trouble shooting section. I might send Paragon an email. But since this is my first mac I'd rather fix it on my own, I've learned that you can learn a lot more about computers in doing so. I guess my last option is to take it to an apple store but I know that'll cost me. That is if they'll even help me with 3rd party software/driver issues.


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    Did the drive show up before you installed any of these products?

    It should have. OSX can mount and read NTFS formatted discs. If it didn't show up prior to installing macfuse or paragon then you know that neither are to blame

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    yes it was showing up prior to installing Paragon Ntfs.

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