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Thread: iPhoto Upload to MySpace

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    iPhoto Upload to MySpace
    How do you upload your photos that are in your iPhoto library to myspace. It won't let me browse in the iPhoto library?!

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    From within the iPhoto app, drag your photos to the desktop and upload from there. Or you could use the export function to export to your desktop -- that would give you options as to how large you want your image to be. Apple designed the iPhoto library in finder to keep users out and keep them from corrupting their library by making changes, etc. in there. Best to do anything and everything to/with your photos from within the app itself.

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    I understand this method...but do find this extra step quite annoying when all you want to do is upload a bunch of pictures to either snapfish, myspace, or facebook. Its annoying to have to drag them all out of iphoto instead of just browsing to one location, selecting and uploading the photos.

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    Leopard has a feature that will let you access your iPhoto library directly:

    When you're in the selection window, scroll to the bottom of your sidebar (the area at the left of the panel). There you should see "Media".

    Click that to access your iPhoto albums & events directly.

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