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Thread: How to extract audio from a DVD?

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    May 05, 2008
    How to extract audio from a DVD?

    I'd like to extract the audio from a DVD to get either a stereo file or 6 separate channels (that correspond to the 6 channels of the 5.1 format).
    I know Mac the ripper can demux into AC3 format, which doesnt help as I dont know a soft that can convert AC3 files into the above-mentioned format.

    If some PC users are reading this, there's a software called DVD Audio Extractor and I'm looking for its equivalent on Mac platform.


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    Apr 15, 2009
    Hello there
    I can see this is an old thread, but I wondered whether you came up with a solution? I've searched the Web all day and have not yet found software to make an AC3 file into 6 separate Wav files. (on a Mac).
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    I've used BeSweet, a Windows product, successfully via emulation...good luck finding it, though.

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