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    Unofficial Macbook Pro Gaming Thread - Late 2008 models

    This is carrying on the awesome work that CodeSamurai has done on game testing for the new Macbooks, but this thread will be for the new Macbook Pro's

    Saturday 15th I picked up my MBP 2.4 I have installed Vista and SP1 onto a 60gig partition

    WOW - With settings mainly at medium and with showdows, death effects off I was getting anything from 65fps to almost 80fps. So then i put effects on and detail up and this more than halfed the fps. I was getting anything from 23fps to 40fps.

    One odd thing I noticed was that about every 30sec it would go into slow motion for a sec. odd.. I am going to play with the setting again today and see what happens.

    Going to have a play on Fallout 3 later today.

    Have also ran 3dMark05 Free Edition and my score is 10511

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    Had a play of Fallout 3 last night.

    The game detected my setting as High so I left them on that to see how it would play and it played very well.. No lag, but speech did break up a few times when speaking with people

    I have attached a screen shot of the setting I have been using. Not sure how to show FPS within Fallout 3

    If anyone can let me know how to show FPS I will post what I am getting

    Might have to get a copy of fraps too..
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    I have the 2.53Ghz with 512 card on XP. Call of Duty World at war plays on full specs and so does Battlefield 2142. Crysis plays on full with no AA. I hope that helps. I will be testing more games.
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    I have played COD4 online for a little yesterday. Left all the setting alone and its played great. going to play with the settings tonight.

    Nice to see that COD5 plays well. Think I might have to get a copy of that..

    On the WOW front. I still have the problem of it going into slow motion for 1-2 sec every 30 secs when moving about.. I have played with setting but have had not luck...

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    Good to see some good performance from these machines.

    B&O: when you say crysis runs on full do you mean high or very high? and which resolution are you playing with?

    When I get my MBP (sometime in the next few months hopefully), I will also post whatever performance I can get out of various games.

    Oh and Can the MacBook Pro run DX10 games (that are actually playable without lag)?

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    How do MP games run when you play over Wifi?

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    Very short thread, any other games to add to this list?

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    way to revive a dead thrad

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