Ok, I finally broke down and after hours of grief trying to set up gmail to work between my iMac and MB with no success, I got the free trial of MobileMe. After trying to get help from Apple along with a friend who worked for them for many years (again to no avail), I got it working on my own, somehow using iDisk. I doubt if I could duplicate what I did! This whole ordeal went on over a period of several days.

Anyway, I have my emails working and contacts, etc. except when all my mailboxes on the iMac under ON MY MAC are not showing up on the MacBook. How do I get them to show up on the MB - I have a lot of stuff in the different files that I don't want to lose.

My iMac looks like it will be heading to the Apple Store for various problems (fortunately I have an external drive for a back-up), but I need the MB to show these mailboxes as I run a small home biz. Any ideas would be most appreciated!

Once I get this corrected, I need to address the problem of file sharing not working and my printer not scanning. Hopefully. one day, it will all "just work."