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    .mov to .gif
    Is this possible? Like can I just do a quick 10 sec clip in photobooth, then turn around a convert that into a .gif using a certain application? If so can you list the application so I can download it please?

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    Don't think that's possible unless you manually took screenshots of every new action and put it together into a .gif, and that would take forever, but good luck don't take my word for it, not 100% sure.
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    If you have it, Quicktime Pro can do this, but you will also need a .Gif creation application, like the free GifFun. Create a new folder in a suitable place on your hard drive, maybe call it "Image Sequence" then open your chosen movie in Quicktime Pro. Under "File" choose "Export" here you have a few options depending on what you need the end .Gif for.

    This will export your movie file into a sequence of images into your created folder, and name each file sequentially, how many depending mostly on the length of the movie and also your chosen frame rate. If you do this in reverse it is a way to convert a sequence of photos into a movie for example.

    Next you will need to open GifFun, import your folder of images and create a .Gif for the web.

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