I purchased TW08 a few days ago and have been enjoying it. Two issues have arisen, however:

- I started out in PGA Tour mode, wasn't very good and got to the end without qualifying for the Hack's Tournament, as my average was a few strokes too high. I moved over to the Tiger's Challenge mode, and have been doing pretty well. My average is down and I've won a few trophy balls and boss matches. The problem is that, when I return to the PGA Tour mode, it still thinks my average is too high and won't unlock the Hack's Tournament for me. I really, really, really hope I won't have to create another player and start that mode over again after all the time I've spent acquiring skills & experience with my original custom player. How shall I proceed?

- In the Tiger's Challenge mode, two of the challenges have completely crashed my Mac each time I've attempted to play it. The crashes happen right after I click to swing on the first tee. It's a hard crash, requiring a reboot. No key combination will bring up the Force Quit dialog or even switch back to the Finder.

I'm running a new 24" iMac with 4gb RAM & the upgraded video card.

Any ideas? Thanks!