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Thread: Help me please!

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    Help me please!
    I have a really annoying problem and I am not sure how to sort it. I share a network at home with two PCs and I have two Macs. One is an old G3 iMac and the other a new MacBook and we are all suffering the same problem.

    Since my housemate opened a dodgy download on his PC our web browsers have been acting up. Every time we use a search engine the first time we click on the results, any result, we will be redirected to a random site. Not porn, usually a random site but sometimes Ebay. Here is the history from one search (it goes in order of where I ended up from where I started at the bottom): - Face Sponsored Results
    Search results for "face" on
    face - Google Search

    Our browsers have been acting up in other ways too, for example, before I cleared the history on Firefox it would take me directly to my Facebook page, without requesting my password. Since I deleted my history my password now does not work! I am fretting that many of my passwords have been discovered etc.

    This also happens on occasion when I have started up Firefox:

    Redirect Loop
    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

    The browser has stopped trying to retrieve the requested item. The site is redirecting the request in a way that will never complete.

    * Have you disabled or blocked cookies required by this site?
    * NOTE: If accepting the site's cookies does not resolve the problem, it is likely a server configuration issue and not your computer.

    I have deleted Firefox and reinstalled and it still happens. It happens on Safari also. My housemate has had issues with his Adware and Spyware software since the issue started, and when finally he managed to get it to check for viruses and delete them without crashing (a browser redirection virus I think) it still hasn't gone away.

    I have tried to ring our provider, Virgin, but typically I can't get through because I am on a mobile and require a fecking landline to talk to them and they make it impossible to find a customer service number where I'll actually end up talking to a real person. Even if I found a number I suspect it will charge me 1.50 for the privilege.

    Please *please* help me. I've a number of things I'm worried about being hacked in to, most importantly my online banking! Any ideas/advice would be much appreciated.


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    Moved to more a appropriate forum. Not a question or comment about the forum itself.
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    That doesn't sound good at all. The first thing I would do is keep tabs on my bank account. I would go ahead and get your online banking password stuff changed asap. Don't leave it to chance.

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    First, I would recommend taking all the computers off the network as to not make things worse. Then i would individually scan all the windoze PC's to make sure there isn't a virus on them. Hopefully they have up to date anti virus software on them?!

    I would also scan the Mac's on the network as well. Even though you aren't vulnerable to viruses, you can still be carriers and re-infect everyone on the network if your Mac's have it.

    3rd, I'd either educate your room mate about clicking on stupid links or tell them to get a Mac. Either way, good luck and I hope none of your private data has been compromised. I'd change your passwords like the previous poster already suggested and watch your bank accounts religiously.
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