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    Nov 11, 2008
    Unhappy What's wrong with my Quicktime (screen grab included)
    this just started happening a couple of weeks ago. not sure if i updated my quicktime and it started happening, or it just started happening on my own. i currently have QT Pro ver: 7.5.5 and use Flip4Mac ver: my OS is: 10.5.5.

    happens on AVIs, on some MOVs and not others, MP4s seem ok....

    i tried, deleting QT and then reinstalling... same thing.

    any thoughts or suggestions??
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    Wow that's gnarly. Have you tried playing your movies with another application besides Quicktime? Does it do the same thing?

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    i have, they were all playing fine in VLC... would rather use quicktime as i can open and view more than one at a time. BUT, now its happening to AVIs in VLC too.

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