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    itunes and ipod viewing
    in itunes you can get this really nice way of viewing your music as a grid of album covers, yet when you try to look at your ipod through itunes, this otion is no longer availible. Any idea if it can be done?

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    I'll venture a guess as to the reason why this isn't an option...

    Perhaps when the cover art is downloaded to the iPod, iTunes shrinks the resolution of the graphics file down to postage stamp size. iTunes may read the cover art directly from whatever source you are currently pointing it to. If the art is being read directly from the iPod, the graphics files may not have the resolution to display cleanly on a fullsize monitor.

    Obviously, Apple could adjust things so the iPod referenced the files in your HD library, but cut and paste for the iPhone is probably a higher priority.

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    well the thing is that if you look at the grid, the pictures that come up are no bigger(in fact they are smaller) than the artwork box which shows the artwork when you play music from your ipod on your computer, so i cant see how thats the problem.

    Its not essential but i would like to be able to do it... anyone know of any hacks or anything?

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