I'm trying to organise my beatport files according to release date in Itunes.
The filenames holds an number, for example:


The problem is that Itunes doesn't provide a way to order the files according to filename, so I want to use Automator to copy the filename of each file into a ID3 textfield of the file in Itunes (for instance 'composer' or 'group').
Can someone help me through this? The way I'm tried to automate is:

In Itunes: click on file > show in Finder
In Finder: copy name of file
In Itunes: click on file > show info > paste name of file

The copying and pasting per file is not working, in Automator it just remembers to copy a certain text (from the basic file I recorded the automation)

thx for helping me out here;
Stefaan (Belgium)