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Thread: Ableton 7 saved files dont work on older versions

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    Ableton 7 saved files dont work on older versions
    Hi , ok so here's my problem i recently tried the trial version of ableton 7 and it converged all my files for it to work on ableton 7 . now when the demo ran out i wanted to get back to my old ableton 5 but the files won't open in there so now i have a verry big problem .

    or i buy ableton 7 now or i just drop all my latest tracks that i wanted to release . but i dont want to to either of them because i dont have to money for it and i dont want to throw away all of that hard work .

    so i hope anybody here can give me some kind of solution on this im realy hopeing for it , thx

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    You will more than likely get more of a response on either the Ableton forums or Ableton Live DJ forums. But as far as I know there is no way (read it is not possible) to use new live sets on the older versions, because of all the new features that are added, especially from 5 to 7.

    Like I said though, you might want to ask on the official Ableton forums or the Ableton Live DJ forums.
    masakatsu agatsu


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