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filebarn 11-09-2008 04:13 PM modify drag + drop behaviour

Is there a way to modify the behaviour of dragging and dropping in Terminal?
Specifically, to turn it off. Or to change the delay threshold at which a click+drag turns from a reselect into dragging+dropping the selection.

If I make an error in my selection, and wish to reselect text already within the current selected range, I would of course click my track pad and drag to make a new selection. If I am quick, then this works fine. If I am careful, or a clumsy track pad user, and thus slow, then it begins to drag+drop the selected region. This is infuriating. If I accidentally release and thus paste this selected region in my terminal, this action could be potentially very dangerous, especially if I'm ssh'd into an important server. You can probably guess that I have done this already. :P

Any help for this brand new switcher? :[

nutela 04-17-2009 11:12 AM

answer - Control the 'text drag delay' time in Cocoa applications

defaults write -g NSDragAndDropTextDelay -int 100

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