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halo200 11-09-2008 05:07 AM

Convert all itunes MP3 to AAC and Delete Originals

Is there a way to convert all the MP3 files I have in my itunes library into AAC format and have it delete the original mp3 file that it is converting? I just cannot stand to go through and rip all my cd's again, they were all ripped using WMP on my old windows laptop way before I heard of AAC. But i'd much rather just tell it to go and leave it overnight instead of having to rip the cd then put the next one in and go again and again. Besides its probably faster to convert than rip.

dtravis7 11-09-2008 05:28 AM

One thing you might not like to hear but I will warn you anyway just in case. Converting from MP3 to AAC is converting from one lossy format to another and you will have even more loss. I know it's a PAIN to rip them all over again, but if you want the best quality of sound I would do it that way.

If you still want to convert all your MP3's to AAC at least do it to a higher bitrate AAC for minimum loss.

What I would do is make sure the import settings on iTunes are set to AAC and whatever bitrate you want, select all the songs that are MP3 and right click. Select Convert Selected to AAC and walk away. Only other thing is after they are all converted you will have to highlight all the MP3's and right click and hit delete.

There might be a way with a script in AppleScript. I will leave that to someone else as I really don't work much with it. Also you might be able to make an Automater Action that would do it all then zap all the MP3's.

halo200 11-09-2008 05:37 AM

Ah well that sucks, i'll probably re-rip my cd's when I have time to do it but I guess i'll keep em at MP3 for now but I changed my itunes to import anything from CD's to AAC. Its not like I need the space with about 100GB left. Thanks for the help anyway. See ya round.

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