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    Jul 20, 2008
    Toast files don't work ? ( please help )
    Hi , i just downloaded a certain program and there about 80 .toast files in em

    this is how they look like

    before toasting them --->

    after toasting with toast titanium 9

    and then it puts something in the socalled cd thing but it apears Twice and i cant even do anything with those files .

    i hope somebody can help me because i realy dont have a clue what im doing .


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    It looks like you have downloaded an illegal copy of the software from a torrent

    WE cannot discuss how to download, unpackage and install illegal software on this forum
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    cmon man don't be like that ( and for the record how do you know if that is an illegal copy ? it just happens to be some files with that name . it could be anything realy . )

    just help me out i realy dont understand this toast business

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    Sorry but louishen is very correct. That is some torrent of Final Cut. That is against the law and therefor against the forum rules. I am going to have to lock this thread.

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