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    Exclamation Limewire on macbook pro
    What are the risks of using this with regards to donloading stuff and getting unwateds bieng installed at the same time. If you do get something you dont want how do you delete it? I hear that if you download a movie or music that when you play it it can contain nasties like spyware etc? How do you locate these and zap them?

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    Good questions...I've got 4.17 Beta on my new MBP & hope I don't run into issues. I've only d/l a handful of songs but have almost 2000 songs d/l when on PC side w/ Lime...I hope someone can answer your questions.

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    Mac OS X does not have issues with spyware at the moment. So if you do download any infected files they will render useless. However if you are file sharing, theoretically speaking it is possible to pass them on to PC users.

    Try using torrent networks

    Transmission is a great application for this Transmission
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