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    uninstalling shapeshifter
    ok so i downloaded shapeshifter not knowing it did not work on leopard. well i got everything (i think uninstalled by using their installer) well i can't get rid of the shapeshifter on my system preferences. it wont let me delete it. i have restarted my computer and try a couple things but nothing is working. how can i delete it permanently off the system preferences. this is what it says when i try to remove it:
    The “ShapeShifter” preferences pane could not be removed because an error occurred.

    thanks for the help

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    Download this program, Reggie Ashworth - AppDelete then drag your shapeshifter from the trash and into the appdelete icon, you should find that it will then delete all associated files.
    To delete from system prefs, hold control while clicking, you should then have an option to delete from pref pane
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