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    How to change email addresses in Mac OS X Mail
    I'm changing my email address on my Mac which runs Mac OS X 10.4.11

    It seems like a couple of years ago, I deleted a mail account and this also deleted all of the mail for that account.

    Now, I have several email accounts on one Mac and I want to separate business from personal so I want to delete some of the email accounts on my Mac so that these emails go to the other computer.

    So, how do I stop downloading email on this Mac for some email accounts?

    -- Kaydell

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    With Mail open, go to the menu bar, Mail/Preferences/Accounts/Advanced

    You can just disable the account, and you'll also be able to add/delete accounts from the bottom left. (+,-)

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    Thanks! I was able to disable the accounts that I don't want to use on this Mac by using the advanced feature to disable the accounts.

    I don't dare use the minus button in

    + -

    because when I did that last time, I believe that all of the email that had been received by that account was lost.

    So, I'm happy with your first suggestion. I disabled the email accounts that don't want to download from, but my mail received on this Mac is still there and I can easily find things with Mail's find feature.

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