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    Entourage 2008 issues
    I have a user that has a mac book pro using Entourage 2008. Ever since Friday, when he opens Entourage, at the bottom right, it will say Updating Inbox. This has been happening since Friday, so he has not received any new email since Friday in Entourage. We are running Exchange 2003 here. He is using Outlook Web Access and can send/receive and when he looks in Entourage in his Sent Items, he sees all of them since Friday. I have already tried to repair the database. I'm not too familiar with Entourage since any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Entourage and Calendar
    hey I have a user that is using Office 2008 for MAC. he was having problems with Entourage with his email. He wasn't able to receive email. I rebuilt his profile and now all of his email is working, but he is having problems with the Calendar. He is not able to accept meeting invites and also when he does try to look at another users calendar, their calendar displays 'No Information'. I have setup the public folders server under the Advanced tab, but its still not working. I verified this is the correct public folders server because we have other users that display Calendar information. could it be because I had to rebuild his email. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I dont know if entourage works the same as outlook but issues like that in outlook are normally profile related, most people only have one but it is possible to have more then one, if so I normally clear those out and start again.

    In windows it's under the mail option on control panel, as I said I have no idea if this is how Entourage works but its the only thing I can think of.

    It might also be worth asking on the mactopia forums as that is M$'s forums for the mac, someone may be able to help you there,

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    I ran into the same problem and mentioned it to the
    Genius group at a mac store. Apparently, entourage is not set up to accept invites. You must set Ical as the default. Then set entourage sync options to sync with Ical. Similarly, Firefox also has that problem of importing invites. It downloads it as a file to your download folder. Again, Safari should be your default browser. I have reported this issue to Microsoft and Firefox. Hope this helps. And I just joined here. Look forward to helping out.

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