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    Hey I'm new to Office on my Mac. I'm running OS X 10.5.5

    Every time I open up Word the default font is Cambria. Is there anyway I can get it to default to Times New Roman?

    Sorry this if this question's way to specific or nit picky or asinine. I figured someone in cyberspace would know how to help me out.


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    When you create a new document, Word uses the Normal template to determine the settings, such as fonts, margins of the document, and styles. If you change the settings in this template, all new documents that are based on this template will use the new settings. For example, if your company standard font is 11-point Times, or if you want all new documents to use a larger font size for easier readability, you can change the default font settings.

    Note: For a list of items that can be defined in a template, see How new document settings are applied in Word 2008 Help.

    On the Format menu, click Font.

    Select the options that you want to use for new documents.

    Click Default.

    When you are prompted to change the default font, click Yes.

    This changes the Normal template.
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    Thank you so much Shades, I actually wanted to ask about that too. :]
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