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    Will Microsoft Office 2001 work with my new macbookpro?
    I've recently purchased a MacBook Pro. I had an ibook that had Microsoft 2001, will this work with my new mac?

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    no, its a POwerPC app that was designed to run on OS9 (referred to as Classic in OS X). The intel macs no longer run OS9 apps in classic mode

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    Nov 03, 2008
    I double checked the office disk, it's Microsoft Office X, does that have the same problem as office 2001?

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    Office X was designed for OS X (hence the name), so it'll run under Rosetta on an intel Mac. So it will work, but TBH it will still be fairly slow and in order to be compatible with newer versions of Office, you might want to look into the latest version.

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    Do as suggested above and don't even consider Office X on your Intel ~ you will be very disappointed.

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