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    Question about WOW
    K, so i got the 10-day free trial from someone who already has an account and then i went through the entire process of downloading the game and all the patches (which was like 6 GB or something) and stuff. So when my trial is up, is there a way i can just purchase the game I downloaded, so i don't have to go through all of that again? I got it directly from the Blizzard site.

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    You already have the game, you don't have to purchase (or download) anything else unless you want the buy and download the expansion pack. I just went though the same process, so I know.

    What server are you on?
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    You already have the game installed so you don't have to worry about the actual game when your trial is over, it will still be there. The account you created with that trial key will be expired and they'll have you buy the game at the store (unless you can buy it online now) just for the retail box authentication key. You can still access your trial account on and upgrade it to the retail version from there. You'll have all of your characters, items, etc. from your trial play!

    When I started playing WoW again I started with a trial/guest pass key and made a new account. Unfortunately the highest level you can get is like 20 or so and after that you don't get anymore experience, lol. Just a side note (:

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