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Thread: Gmod 10 and Crossover Games

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    Nov 02, 2008
    Gmod 10 and Crossover Games
    I got Crossover Games recently, and I am really enjoying steam on my mac.
    I have steam for my PC, but ironically, it doesnt run very well...

    So I want to buy Gmod 10

    I open up steam, get to the steam browser, go to Gmod, click PURCHASE, and it doesnt go anywhere....

    So I tried buying it online with firefox and safari. Both said that they dont know what to do after I click on purchase.

    How do I get Gmod 10 on mac?

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    Oct 11, 2008
    I wish i knew
    I have your same problem. Downloading the PC version of firefox fixes this issue but it only worked for a little bit for a day. Now when even i use PC firefox it dosnt find steam. I'm not even sure cuase i havnt been able to run any games from steam on my mac yet

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