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Thread: Camino memory leak?

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    Camino memory leak?
    Okay, I just recently switched back to Camino for my basic day-to-day web browsing because it seems faster to load, rather than Safari and FF. I have the latest build (not the 2.0 alpha) and I check iStatPro widget. The amount of my free memory decreases in increments of 1Mb every 2-3 seconds.

    Here is a screenshot of my Activity Monitor. Is it possible that it's Camino that keeps decreasing my memory?
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    Does Camino's memory usage go up when the total free goes down? Make a note of how much RAM Camino is using then keep checking and see if it's taking more.

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    I didn't notice a difference in the Activity Monitor after a while, so I restarted my computer. I only have Camino running and I have 1.65GB left of free memory, so I was wrong.

    I did some searching and it turns out that for some reason, Transmission is what is causing it. It transfers all of the free memory to inactive memory so it doesn't make any difference at all really. Glad I got it figured out. Here is the link if anyone else was experiencing this and wondered what it may be.

    InactiveMemory - Transmission - Trac

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