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    Firefox passwords and Finder windows...
    Hi all.

    I have a few fiddly questions which I cannot solve through Google or trying. I wonder if any of you have any suggestions?

    I want to backup my Firefox passwords. Basically, and I know this is not good practice, I use Firefox for logging onto different clients web spaces in 1and1 and I wanted to save or backup the place that Firefox remembers the passwords so that if I ever move to another mac or install a new hard drive and install OSX from scratch (which I want to do when i can afford it) I can just replace the file and carry on using the auto passwords.

    Also, and some of you may laugh at this, but in Finder, how do I make every single window that opens open in the Column mode? It randomly sticks when I have viewed a window in another mode and won't go back.

    I appreciate any help on this.

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    Re Finder: I'm not sure that you can make every folder open in column view, but you can set a particular folder to open in a specific view every time. Perhaps if you have a few folders that you view frequently, you could at least set these to column view.

    Select column view (or whatever view is desired). Select View > Show View Options. There will be a check box for 'Always show in <whatever> mode'.

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