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Thread: Microsoft Messenger and Imac..

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    Microsoft Messenger and Imac..
    Hey there.

    Before you guess, I'm new to the Mactrain! Anyway, I've got my new Imac all set up nicely and I downloaded Microsoft Messenger 7 for Mac, and am connected via a wireless network. Messenger has installed however it wont sign in saying I may not be connected to the internet.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Lol, typical msn for mac.. I had the same problem all the time. Just keep trying and it will eventually connect.

    I would start looking for alternate msn programs if I were you tho cause the msn for mac sucks.

    Google; aMSN, Adium or maybe Mercury Messenger.. aMSN and Mercury do a good job on emulating the whole msn messenger experience with winks, nudges, video, personal messages, etc.. but can get a bit choppy at times. Adium is way more responsive and smooth than the other two but it lacks alot of msn messenger's features.

    Give them a try tho lol cause in the end they are all better than the msn for mac one.

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